Product: WindDataSuite 8.0

WindDataSuite is executable on the following operating systems:

  • 64-bit Windows 7 and higher.
  • 64-bit Linux.
  • 64-bit Mac OS X Lion 10.7 and higher.
Feature and price list 2019-07-15
  Program Version
Differences: Trial version Pro (1)
Lifetime 1 month unlimited
User Manual shortened complete
Reading data:
Database plug-in (2) x
Storing data:
All formats x
All data exports and storages x
Database plug-in (2) x
All diagrams (3)
Diagram export x
Suppress version info when exporting (4) x 250.00
Time series modules:
Exporting digital filter factors (4) x 250.00
MSSCP extended version x
Price list - all prices in Euro (€) without VAT:
1 License (5)   for free   7650.00
every further additional license x 1000.00
Profit centre license (6) x 16650.00
Additional demands:
On-site training 4 hours (7) x 500.00
On-site training 8 hours (7) x 800.00
On occasion of the trade fair HUSUM Wind 2019 a two month special offer price of
6950.00 Euro (€)
for one(5) WindDataSuite 8 Pro license is effective from 15 July 2019 until the end of the trade fair on 13 September 2019.
(1)  The Pro program version includes all modules and features. WIND DATA SUiTE also offers customized licensing for individually selected program modules. The price then depends on the modules selected by the customer.
(2)  WindDataSuite only provides the interface for the plug-in. The plug-in itself has to be developed by the user itself according to its database.
(3)  With water mark "WindDataSuite trial version".
(4)  Price in Euro (€) without VAT. One time additional charge.
(5)  One (1) License is valid for one (1) user on one (1) computer.
(6)  The profit centre license is valid for all users on all computers within one (1) profit centre.
(7)  Plus possible travel and possible accommodation expenses.

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