The data analysis software for wind data:
LIDAR - SODAR - Met mast -
Weather station - Reanalysis - Wind turbine


Diverse projects, particularly wind energy projects,
are based on an investigation of the local wind conditions.

WIND DATA SUiTE provides the tool therefor.

WindDataSuite is the proven software for the
visualization, processing, evaluation, analysis, and long-term extrapolation
of wind data and wind measurement data from various sources such as
LIDAR, SODAR, met mast, weather station, reanalysis, and wind turbine.

WindDataSuite also provides particularly the tools needed for wind energy
projects, such as for example energy yield calculations with wind turbine power curves.

WindDataSuite is extremely efficient and flexible
and comprises outstanding scientific features.



Version 9.3

WindDataSuite 9 provides manifold
enhancements and new features.

Among other things new tools for the
fonts management.



Please get in contact with us
if you have got any questions
or suggestions.

We are looking forward to your
feedback and we are glad to
assist you.


WIND DATA SUiTE has given
presentations at several events.



wind energy
Get yourself now your software
WindDataSuite Version 9.3 and benefit
from all the advantages of this update.




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