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energy yield


Energy yields can be calculated with the following user-definable options:

  • Measured wind speeds.
  • Wind speeds extrapolated onto any hub height.
  • Calculated or constant air density.
  • Power curve selection with/without air density adjustment, or constant power coefficient.
  • Any amount of shutdown constraints and/or power curve constraints. All shutdown constraints and power curve constraints with user-definable and freely combinable conditions of:
    • Wind speeds
    • Times of day
    • Sunrise and sunset
    • Seasonal times
    • Wind directions
    • Air temperatures

WindDataSuite calculates gross and net yields for the time series as well as the mean annual gross and net yields. Also the respective total and particular energy losses due to the assigned shutdown constraints and power curve constraints.

The results can be exported in form of a table into a csv-formatted file.

In the following example, the energy yields have been calculated for a time series at the heights of 80 m, 100 m, and 120 m above ground level. Thereby, as an example for a noise reduction, a power curve constraint has been defined, which at night between 22:00 hours and 06:00 hours uses a power reduced power curve with low noise level.
Fig.1 shows a time series excerpt of the calculated energy yields.


Time series of the energy yields
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