Example for
digital filtering


WindDataSuite implements a module for filtering wind data with digital filters.

In the following example, the raw data of the wind speeds in all heights (Fig.1) have been filtered with a low-pass filter (Fig.2) and with a band-pass filter (Fig.3).

The low-pass filter has a cut-off period (50% energy pass) of 4 hours and thus filters out all high-frequency signals (turbulence, gusts of wind) from the data (Fig.2).

The band-pass filter has a lower cut-off period of 18 hours and an upper cut-off period of 36 hours and thus yields in the main only the signal of the daily variability yet (Fig.3).


Raw data of wind speed.
Digital filtered data of wind speed. Low-pass filter, cut-off period 4 hours.
Digital filtered data of wind speed. Band-pass filter, lower cut-off period 18 hours, upper cut-off period 36 hours. The filter response yields the signal of the daily variability around the mean.


Data range:
1 year (365 days), sampling rate 10 minutes
Processed channels:
31 height levels of wind speed
Computing time:
approx. 1 second
Processing time:
approx. 1 minute
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