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diagrams (views)


WindDataSuite provides different diagrams (views) for data visualization.

All diagrams can be exported in any size into image files of any print resolution, and allow manifold user settings (e.g. displaying a legend, a mouse lineal, drawing user defined labels, drawing grid lines, displaying the data with lines, symbols, and bars, and many more).

Most of the diagrams allow interactive data removal.
Most of the diagrams allow zoom-in and zoom-out.
Most of the diagrams allow editing of the data.
Most of the diagrams allow data filtering by comprensive graphic filters.

The here shown diagrams reflect only a small excerpt of the graphical display capabilities.

WindDataSuite provides an images pin board for collecting diagrams (see Fig.14).
The user may copy any diagram into this pin board.
Within this pin board, each diagram can be rearranged, scaled, deleted, and exported. Also the pin board itself can be exported in total (not only the actually visible section) into an image file.

WindDataSuite can copy all diagrams into the system clipboard, such that these are then available - also in high printing resolution - for other documents (just by copy and paste).


Diagrams for time series data

Time series view of wind speeds (31 height levels), with maximum notification (red circle)
Profile time series view of wind speeds (31 height levels), with maximum notification (dark circle)
Time series of the wind vectors at 120 m height. The vectors are directed here into that direction, where the wind is coming from.
Progressive vector diagram for the wind vectors at 50 m, 120 m, and 200 m height. The (y=x)-line is depicted in black.
Mean wind speed profile from complete profiles in the height range from 50 m to 150 m
Scatter diagram of vertical wind velocities (31 height levels) versus air temperature, with minimum notification (red circle) and linear regression (black line)
Parameter diagram of wave amplitudes from the Fourier spectral analysis of wind speeds (31 height levels) versus wave frequency (logarithmic scale) = amplitude spectrum
Wind rose scatter diagram of wind speeds (31 height levels) versus wind directions (31 height levels), with maximum notification (red circle) and main wind direction (red)


Diagrams for binning data (histograms)

Parameter diagram of availabilities of wind speeds (31 height levels) versus time of day (hours), with grid net lines
2D-contouring of the MERRA-2 topography after converting the surface geopotentials into surface heights above MSL (Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) (2015), MERRA-2 const_2d_asm_Nx: 2d, constants V5.12.4, version 5.12.4, Greenbelt, MD, USA, Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC), Accessed 2016-09-13, DOI: 10.5067/ME5QX6Q5IGGU)
Wind rose of wind speed frequencies (31 height levels), polygon display
Wind rose of the frequency distributions of wind speeds, summed up over the entire height profile, 0.44 % of the values are calm winds or baffling winds, bar display


Positions diagram

Positions diagram of some measurement stations and MERRA-2 model points relative to the geographic position of the weather station Bremen


Images pin board

Images pin board


Data editor

An example for the data editor: 2D-bins of the wind speed frequencies with row and column sums.
When any of the bin values will be changed, then the respective row and column sums will be recalculated automatically.
When any of the sums will be changed, then the respective bin values will be renormalized automatically to the new sum value.


Graphic filter

An example for the graphic filter: Design of a filter with four constraints


Font management

The window for the font selection
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