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WIND DATA SUiTE develops and markets the software WindDataSuite.

WindDataSuite is the proven software for the
visualization, processing, evaluation, analysis, and long-term extrapolation
of wind data and wind measurement data from various sources such as
LIDAR, SODAR, met masts, weather stations, reanalysis data, and wind turbines.

WindDataSuite has been designed and developed by Dr. Helmut Frey
and has been used successfully for several years.

WindDataSuite is under permanent development for further enhancements.
Updates are announced automatically to the customers.

WIND DATA SUiTE considers customer requests.
Different data formats - if not provided yet - can be
implemented on request as well as special processing modules.

Dr. Helmut Frey is a PhD Oceanographer and has been
working for many years at governmental research institutions,
at last at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg.

Dr. Helmut Frey is a certified Java developer and has been
employed as Java developer for many years at private enterprise.

Dr. Helmut Frey is an experienced wind resource assessor and
has been working at a wind energy consultancy for several years.


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