for averaging


WindDataSuite provides the following average calculations:

  • Averages over arbitrary height levels and over the entire height profile can be calculated.
  • Averages over arbitrary wind direction sectors can be calculated.
  • Arbitrary temporal means, hourly means, daily means, monthly means, and yearly means can be calculated. Time integral quantities, such as e.g. energy and precipitation, can also be summed up instead of being averaged.
  • Seasonal variations as diurnal variation, monthly variation, and yearly variation can be calculated.

All averages can be constrained to arbitrary day times and/or night times.

Besides the averages, also the standard deviations, minima, maxima, and availabilities in the respective averaging intervals can be calculated.

In the following example, the hourly means (Fig.2) and the diurnal variation (Fig.3) have been calculated from 10-minutes wind speeds at all heights (Fig.1).


10-minutes wind speeds
Wind speeds averaged onto 1-hour intervals
Diurnal variation of the wind speeds
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